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Bondolino Poplin

100% cotton poplin, tested for harmful substances

Silky shine with fun applications.

Our “classic” model is the first comfortable baby carrier manufactured from a diagonally elastic-woven fabric of a baby sling, and it has been awarded the GS seal for proven security by the Technical Control Board (TÜV) Rheinland. Higher security, better carrying comfort, and the simplest handling for you and your baby!

The BONDOLINO® is an ergonomic carrying aid right from the beginning up to a weight of max. 20 kilogrammes.

You can use the BONDOLINO® for front and rucksack carrying.

Suitable for carriers with waist circumference between approx. 65cm and 110cm (extension up to 140 cm possible)


The detailed and illustrated carrying instructions that are supplied with each BONDOLINO® show step by step how to tie our BONDOLINO®. You may order our carrying instructions even separately. Furthermore, a guiding plastic clip for the shoulder straps is also provided.

Special features of the BONDOLINO® “Poplin”:

  • The BONDOLINO® “Poplin” is made of wonderful poplin fabric consisting of pure cotton. The ergonomically shaped carrying pouch adapts to fit both the baby’s and the carrier’s body. With a BONDOLINO® you carry your baby very close to your body.
  •  In addition, the BONDOLINO® has a very wide base between the legs. This wide base supports the correct spread-squat position of the baby's legs inside the BONDOLINO®, promoting the healthy development of the hips. It prevents the baby's legs from dangling uncomfortably when carried on your stomach or back. The base width enlargement that is to be attached with buttons secures the correct spread-squat position even with larger children.
  • You do not need any special insert for newborn babies when using the BONDOLINO®. It adapts to the baby’s size.                                                
  • The BONDOLINO® is extremely simple to use in many different everyday and life situations, and is quick to tie which makes it popular with fathers!
  • Thanks to its wide, padded straps, the BONDOLINO® also adjusts well to the carrier's shoulder and neck region. It also offers extreme comfort during carrying, without pressing or digging into the skin, making it kind to your back – even when carrying heavier babies for a long time!                                            
  • The BONDOLINO® does not have any hard buckles, press buttons or snap fasteners. Carrying it is as comfortable and flexible as carrying a baby sling. However, it is much easier to use.
  • Thanks to its simple application and optimum design, the BONDOLINO® is also ideal for parents who feel that baby slings are too complicated and/or too alternative.
  • Useful details such as a little pocket on the shoulder strap. We explicitly indicate that this pocket is not suitable for mobile phones.
  • You will receive a colour fitting storage box at no cost with your BONDOLINO®.   

BONDOLINO® - simply brilliant, brilliantly simple!


Please always pay attention to that the hook-and-loop fastener of the waist belt and the hood are placed exactly one upon the other before washing. Don’t use a fabric softener. In no case should the BONDOLINO be spun at spin speeds of 1,000 revs or more; do not tumble dry. If you do not follow these guidelines, the durability of the hook-and-loop fastener will not be guaranteed. Before you put your baby in the BONDOLINO® always assure that both parts of the hook-and-loop fastener are placed exactly one upon the other, firmly pressed, and remain in place when strained. 


Outer fabric: 100% cotton, diagonally elastic-woven, tested for harmful substances  Padding of the leg cutouts: 100% polyester  Padding    Straps: polyurethane     Hook-and-loop fasteners: 100% polyamide 











washable up to 40°C