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Handmade pin "Kabbalah Hamsa Hand - Sterling Silver Brooch" author’s ElenadE

Sterling silver

Protection pin for baby girl or baby boy with Kabbalah Hamsa and hand-soldered Hebrew characters אלד, decorated by Carnelian gemstones.

The pin is usually attached to the side of the stroller or near the baby's crib and used to provide the baby with protection and safety.

"אלד" Aleph-Lamed-Dalet is one of the 72 unspeakable names of God. 
In Kabbalah it is believed that this three letter combination used for protection against the Evil Eye.
Great gift for a newborn baby mom and dad would appreciate and love.

  • Hammered Sterling silver 925 oxidized
  • Stones: 3mm (1/8") Carnelian in Hamsa Hand, bright and dark Carnelians on the Pin
  • Size: Pin 54mm (2 1/8") - length, 10mm (3/8")- width
  • Hamsa Hand 14mm (9/16") - length
  • Stamped 925 
  • Supplied gift-boxed

Alef, Dalet, Lamed are the first, fourth and twelfth letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. There are many evil eyes around us and within us. This powerful tool of Kabbalah will put a protective shield of positive energies around us. When we envy and jealous others it weakens our protection and evil eyes of others penetrate our line of defense and might cause severe damages. Followers of Kabbalah believe that this G-d's name will weaken and protect us from one of the most destructive powers of the universe, the Evil Eye