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Babywearing Shoes folk-tale Liliputi®

  • babywearing shoes made of GOTS certified organic cotton with softshell sole
  • comfortable, breathable and stylish
  • easy to put on with a flexible strap that keeps them on place
  • colours in harmony with the Liliputi Rainbow Collection
  • in 3 sizes: from 0 to 12 months

The Liliputi Babywearing Shoes are perfect to protect the tiny feet from even the wind while your baby is in the carrier or pram. At the same time the breathable material will not let those little feet sweat no matter how hot the weather is. The strap makes it easy to put them on even when the baby is in the carrier, and it will also keep the shoes in place. A good buddy for the little ones from springtime to autumn. The little shoes matching the Liliputi Rainbow Collection give an impressive style for the lovers of babywearing. It is a practical and useful accessory for kids who are not yet on the go.

Leather Care: Hand-wash with mild detergent in cold water. Air dry.
Sole care:  Check suede regularly for worn down areas. Rub the sole with light sandpaper or wire brush to regain suede texture.